The Best Catan Accessories: Custom Boards, Pieces, and More

custom board and accessories for the Settlers of Catan match

Settlers of Catan is a popular board game that has been around since 1995. It has gained immense popularity over the years, and many accessories have been developed to enhance the experience of playing it. This article will provide an overview of the best Catan accessories available and discuss their features in detail.

Custom boards are among the most essential equipment for any avid fan of Settlers of Catan. They allow players to customize their games with different terrain, resources, and ports while providing a more durable surface than traditional cardboard or paper maps.

Furthermore, organizers can be used to keep all components neatly organized during play. Finally, other helpful items, such as cardholders and dice towers, may prove useful when playing this beloved strategy game.

3d Custom Boards — Catan Accessories

  1. Wooden Custom Boards are popular for Catan enthusiasts looking for an aesthetically pleasing board.
  2. 3D Printed Custom Boards offer a unique design that can be customized and often comes at a lower price point.
  3. Laser Etched Custom Boards provide a highly detailed look, as the laser etching process can be used to create intricate designs.
  4. Wooden Custom Boards are often made from hardwoods, providing a durable and long-lasting board.
  5. 3D Printed Custom Boards can be made from various materials, including ABS and PLA plastics.
  6. Laser Etched Custom Boards are usually made from hardwoods, such as oak or maple, and the laser etching process used to create intricate designs is also very durable.

Wooden Custom Boards

Wooden custom boards are an excellent option for those looking to add a unique and personal touch to their Catan gaming experience.

Manufactured from durable materials such as hardwood and some softwoods, these boards can be laser engraved or hand-carved with intricate designs lasting years of play.

Whether it’s the name of your game group custom-engraved onto the board or a creative landscape design depicting the world you’re playing, there is no limit to what you can create with a wooden board.

Laser engraving allows precision etching into wood, while wood carving offers the opportunity to create complex 3D shapes that bring any game table to life – all while ensuring your board remains highly durable and resistant to wear and tear due to its solid construction.

With wooden custom boards, players have access to endless possibilities for creating memorable experiences through custom designs.

3d Printed Custom Boards

In addition to wooden custom boards, 3D-printed custom boards are another option for adding a unique and personal touch to Catan gaming experiences.

3D printing involves layering materials such as plastic or metal with the help of computer-aided design software. This enables players to create intricate designs in various shapes and sizes, allowing them to customize their game tables with items that suit their style.

In addition, DIY customization is possible through 3D printing technology – card holders, custom dice trays, and other Catan accessories can be printed in any size required for the perfect fit on your board.

Furthermore, 3D-printed custom boards are highly durable due to the strong material used during printing and are resistant to wear and tear over time.

This advanced manufacturing technique gives gamers access to endless possibilities for creating memorable experiences through customized designs.

Laser Etched Custom Boards

Laser etching is another method for creating 3D custom boards. This crafting technique uses a powerful laser beam to carve intricate designs onto wood or metal surfaces, allowing gamers to customize their game table with unique and personal touches.

Laser etching can be used with other materials, such as plastic sheets or foam core boards, providing additional customization options for crafting materials.

Furthermore, this process allows players to create customized card decks and die rolls that fit perfectly into their game strategies, enhancing their gaming experience further.

Using laser etching technology, Catan fanatics can express themselves through creative design solutions while enjoying the benefits of durable construction for long-lasting enjoyment.

custom card for Settlers of Catan tabletop

Board Game Organizers

Board game storage is an essential factor to consider when playing complex board games. Many different types of board game storage solutions exist, including drawers, containers, and custom boards.

Board game organizers can be used to keep all of the components of a board game organized, such as cards, dice, and tokens.

Custom boards provide an efficient way to store and organize pieces and can also be used to customize the game to the player’s preference.

Board Game Storage

Board game storage is an essential factor for anyone who plays board games.

DIY solutions include craft boxes, wooden chests, and other creative storage containers that can be made from a variety of materials. For example, online communities often advise how to create custom containers out of items like cigar boxes or old bookcases.

There are also many commercially available board game organizers designed for specific titles, such as Catan, which keep all the pieces safe when not in use and help organize playtime more efficiently.

Additionally, some collectors may wish to purchase special editions or collectible pieces related to their favorite games that also serve as attractive display pieces when not in use. Strategy guides can also provide helpful tips on storing components between gaming sessions while maintaining easy access at all times.

Furthermore, several third-party companies specialize in custom boards and organizers tailored to board gamers’ needs.

As such, it has never been easier for players to find the perfect solution for storing their beloved collections securely and conveniently.

Board Game Organizers

In addition to DIY and commercially available board game organizers, card holders, dice towers, storage solutions, and tile racks are popular for many players. Cardholders can help keep cards organized during games while protecting them from dirt or spills. Dice towers provide a convenient way to roll multiple sets of dice simultaneously while avoiding any potential damage that could occur on other surfaces.

Storage solutions such as trays or boxes offer an easy way to store pieces between gaming sessions without taking up too much space in the home. Finally, tile racks allow for quick setup and organization of tiles when playing board games like mahjong or dominos. With all these various products available, there will surely be something suitable for every player’s needs.

Expansion Packs: Accessories for Catan

The Seafarers expansion pack introduces a maritime theme to the game, allowing players to explore, settle, and develop coastal waterways in addition to the traditional land-based game elements.

The Cities and Knights expansion pack introduces a unique layer of complexity to the game, allowing players to develop their cities and defend them against invading barbarians.

Cities and Knights also introduced a commodities trading system and several other unique mechanics.

Both expansions offer a variety of additional game pieces, including custom boards, organizers, and more, which can be used to enhance the overall game experience.


The Seafarers expansion pack for the popular board game Settlers of Catan provides players with a new challenge.

Adding ships to the original ruleset creates longer game sessions, allowing for different strategies and random setups that provide an even greater degree of difficulty than before.

Furthermore, by playing on larger maps, players can connect multiple games and compete in global competitions such as those sponsored by the World Catan Players Association (WCPA).

This adds a new dimension to traditional play and raises the competitive stakes significantly.

To take full advantage of these features, it is recommended that dedicated gamers invest in custom boards or organizers specifically designed for use with this particular expansion.

Cities And Knights

The Cities and Knights expansion pack for Settlers of Catan challenges players with new features to explore.

It introduces card trading, island exploration, resource management, and pirate strategy into the game.

This allows gamers to develop alternative strategies that increase competition in global tournaments, such as those sponsored by the World Catan Players Association (WCPA).

Furthermore, custom boards or organizers are recommended to take full advantage of this expansion’s capabilities and provide an even greater level of complexity than before.

By incorporating these additional elements into the traditional ruleset, Settlers of Catan remains at the forefront of modern board gaming entertainment.

Player Pieces: Settlers of Catan Accessories

  1. Custom Player Pieces are explicitly designed for the game of Settlers of Catan.
  2. Wooden Player Pieces are typically made from high-quality wood and are designed to be used with the game board.
  3. Magnetic Player Pieces are usually made from metal and feature an embedded magnet, allowing them to be moved on the board without slipping.
  4. Custom Player Pieces often feature unique designs, such as intricate carvings or hand-painted figures, that help bring the game to life.
  5. Wooden Player Pieces are often considered more durable than their magnetic counterparts and can be reused for multiple games.
  6. Magnetic Player Pieces allow quick and easy movement of pieces on the board but may not be as durable as wooden pieces.

Custom Player Pieces

Catan player pieces are an essential part of the game. Customizing these pieces to reflect individual preferences and house rules can enhance the gameplay experience.

One popular way to customize Catan is through custom dice. Dice for Catan comes in various colors, shapes, sizes, and materials; some even have personalized engravings.

Cardholders can also be customized with various designs and themes to match players’ styles or game themes.

Player mats provide a platform for tracking resources and points and outlining specific house rules that may apply to each player’s particular strategy. These mats often feature unique illustrations or symbols that add to the overall look of the board while helping players keep their strategy organized.

Ultimately, customizing one’s Catan pieces provides an excellent opportunity to make playing more enjoyable and memorable for all involved.

Wooden Player Pieces

In addition to dice and card holders, wooden player pieces are another game element that can be customized for Catan. These include tokens representing each player’s resources and markers indicating who is in what position on the board.

Wooden pieces come in various shapes and sizes, often hand-crafted by artisans who love the game. They may feature intricate designs or be plain wood painted in different colors to denote ownership. Additionally, some sets offer pre-painted pieces featuring custom illustrations and symbols such as those found on player mats.

Regardless of design, these wooden pieces add an extra layer of personality to one’s gaming experience.

Magnetic Player Pieces

An alternative to wooden player pieces is magnetic pieces. These pieces come in various shapes and sizes, such as dice towers, game mats, trading trays, and card holders, making them perfect for customizing a Catan board game.

The advantage of using magnetic tokens is that they won’t move around on the board during play due to their strong adhesive force. They also tend to be more durable than traditional wooden pieces. Magnetic players can feature intricate designs or be plain with different colors, denoting ownership.

Additionally, some sets offer pre-painted pieces featuring custom illustrations and symbols found on player mats. Magnetic player pieces provide an extra layer of personality while ensuring all gaming elements stay firmly in place throughout play.

classic Settlers for Catan board with pieces
Classic Settlers of Catan Gameplay

Themed Catan Accessories

Custom boards offer a unique way to personalize a game of Catan with custom designs and images.

Organizers are a great way to keep the game pieces neatly stored and organized.

Dice towers provide an exciting way to roll the dice for the game, while cardholders make it easy to keep track of cards.

Themed tokens, score trackers, scenario books, expansion packs, terrain pieces, resource counters, harbor pieces, trading chips, robber pieces, adventure cards, and dice all provide an enhanced experience for the game of Catan.

Custom Boards

Custom boards offer an exciting way to play Catan, as they can be designed with various themes to make the game more enjoyable.

Building strategies and game variants are easily incorporated into custom boards, allowing players a more excellent range of options when it comes to playing the game.

Additionally, card management is made simpler by having designated spots on the board for cards; this also allows for tabletop options that may not have been available if all pieces had to remain in their original containers.

Custom boards provide an alternative way to experience Catan and greatly enhance gameplay experiences for those who choose them.


Catan accessories are a great way to customize the game and make it more enjoyable.

In addition to custom boards, another popular accessory is organizers. Organizers often come in the form of cardholders, role dice, resource cards, or scenario cards.

Cardholders can help keep all the pieces organized during playtime by designating specific spots for each card type on the board.

Role dice track whose turn it is and which resources have been collected so far in that round of the game.

Resource cards allow players to identify what they need to build specific structures quickly; these also provide an exciting way to add variety to Catan games without investing in multiple sets of components.

Finally, scenario cards offer exciting challenges that require players to think strategically about how best to use their resources throughout the game session.

All these Catan accessories work together to create smoother gameplay experiences for those who choose them and provide an additional level of immersion with themed setups.

The Bottom Line

Catan is a beloved board game with countless pieces and expansions. It can be challenging to store, organize, and set up the various components of Catan. Fortunately, many accessories, such as custom boards, organizers, expansion packs, and more, are available. While some items come at an extra cost to enhance the gameplay experience, they all offer an opportunity for players to enjoy their favorite game with added fun and excitement.

These Catan accessories provide gamers with an enjoyable way to customize their gaming experience while making it easier for everyone involved. Themed boards add a unique flair that sets them apart from the game’s standard version, while organizational tools make setup quicker and more efficient than ever before. With these diverse options now readily available, any Catan fan can find just what they need to elevate their game night!

Consider exploring our articles about The Evolution of Catan and Games like Catan to delve deeper into the world of classic strategy board games!

Catan Accessories FAQ

What Is The Best Way To Store Catan Pieces?

When it comes to storing Catan pieces, there are several excellent options. Cardholders provide a simple solution for keeping cards organized while ensuring they stay pristine. Dice towers can also be used to keep the board neat by providing a place to store rolled dice. Game mats ensure that your playing surface remains clean and clutter-free during gameplay. Finally, travel sets offer an easy way to take your game on the go without sacrificing any convenience or comfort. All these storage solutions make it easier than ever to maintain a tidy gaming experience with Catan.

How Much Does A Custom Catan Board Cost?

Custom Catan boards can range in price depending on the materials used and design. DIY kits for custom boards are generally cheaper than buying a pre-made board but require more work to assemble. Wooden pieces may cost more than plastic or cardboard components, as they provide increased durability during tournament play. Game mats offer an alternative to wooden boards and vary in size, style, and material quality, which could affect their overall cost. Ultimately, custom Catan boards can be expensive if higher-grade materials are chosen; however, with careful research and budgeting, finding an affordable option that meets your needs is possible.

Can I Buy A Catan Board For Larger Groups Of Players?

Playing Catan with larger groups of players can be an engaging experience that allows for more strategic gameplay. To accommodate increased numbers, expansion packs, and custom pieces are available to purchase, along with official rule books and strategy guides to ensure each participant is familiar with the rules. Custom boards offer a personalized touch, while organizers provide order and convenience when playing games with multiple people. With these Catan accessories, everyone can enjoy the classic board game without worrying about the organization or established regulations.

Are There Any Special Rules That Come With Catan Expansion Packs?

When playing Catan with expansion packs, a variety of additional trading strategies and player rules come into play. These game variations can be adopted or amended according to the players’ preferences; however, house rules should also be taken into account to ensure all parties remain on an even footing. The most common strategy when playing with an expansion pack is to include two-way trades between multiple players instead of just one-on-one agreements. Additionally, some expansions may bring unique resources, such as cities or development cards, which require specific rules for trading and use. As such, it is vital to familiarize oneself with any special rules associated with the particular expansion being played before beginning a game session.

Does The Themed Catan Board Come With New Pieces?

Studies indicate that Catan is one of the most popular board games in recent years, attracting an estimated 6 million players worldwide. As such, there has been a steady increase in demand for custom piece sets and variations on board design. Many companies have released themed Catan boards with unique piece sets in response to this trend. These sets include a range of designs based on specific themes like fantasy or science fiction. They also feature different shapes and sizes of game pieces, allowing you to customize your playing experience even further.

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